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30 novembre 2018

Mise à jour Atmosphère 0.8.0 disponible compatible avec le firmware 6.2.0

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La nouvelle version atmosphère 0.8.0 a été mise en ligne par les  développeur SciresM, elmiroac, naehwert etc.Cette nouvelle version a apporté des nouveautés ,surtout le support pour le dernier firmware 6.2.0 de la console Switch.

DtNSLGkWwAAa3dC.jpg ​

changelog Atmosphère v0.8.0:
0.8.0 is Atmosphère’s seventh official release.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.7.0.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • A custom fatal system module was added.
    • This re-implements and extends Nintendo’s fatal module, with the following features:
      • Atmosphère’s fatal does not create error reports.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal draws a custom error screen, showing registers and a backtrace.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal attempts to gather debugging info for all crashes, and not just ones that include info.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal will attempt saving reports to the SD, if a crash report was not generated by creport.
  • Title flag handling was changed to prevent folder clutter.
    • Instead of living in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/%s.flag, flags are now located in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/flags/%s.flag
      • The old format will continue to be supported for some time, but is deprecated.
    • Flags can now be applied to HBL by placing them at atmosphere/flags/hbl_%s.flag.
  • Changes were made to the mitm API, greatly improving caller semantics.
    • sm now informs mitm services of a new session’s process id, enabling custom handling based on title id/process id.
  • smhax is no longer enabled, because it is no longer needed and breaks significant functionality.
    • Users with updated HBL/homebrew should see no observable differences due to this change.
  • Functionality was added implementing basic protections for NAND from userland homebrew:
    • BOOT0 now has write protection for the BCT public key and keyblob regions.
      • The ns sysmodule is no longer allowed to write the BCT public keys; all other processes can.
        • This should prevent system updates from removing AutoRCM.
      • No processes should be allowed to write to the keyblob region.
    • By default, BIS partitions other than BOOT0 are now read-only, and CAL0 is neither readable nor writable.
      • Adding a bis_write flag for a title will allow it to write to BIS.
      • Adding a cal_read flag for a title will allow it to read CAL0.
    • An automatic backup is now made of CAL0 on boot.
      • fs.mitm maintains a file handle to this backup, so userland software cannot read it.
    • To facilitate this, fs.mitm now mitms all sessions for non-system modules; content overriding has been made separate from service interception.
    • Please note: these protections are basic, and sufficiently malicious homebrew can defeat them.
      • Please be careful to only run homebrew software from sources that you trust.
  • Support was added for system version 6.2.0; our thanks to @motezazer for his invaluable help.
    • By default, new keys will automatically be derived without user input.
    • Support is also present for loading new keys from atmosphere/prod.keys or atmosphere/dev.keys
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

vidéo sur Youtube:

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

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28 novembre 2018

Annonce de Xecuter concernant le firmware 6.2

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La team Xecuter vient de mettre un message sur le site officiel qui demande aux utilisateurs du SX OS ne faire pas la mise à jour 6.2 car SX OS ne marche pas sur ce  firmware actuellement .


As with any Nintendo major update, we need some time to complete this process.

We can’t confirm any date yet, but be sure we are doing our best to bring this update as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, do NOT update to 6.2 until we have released our own update that supports it.


La team promet que elle va faire de son mieux ,mais ne peut pas donner une date exacte.

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20 novembre 2018

Switch:firmware v6.2 disponible qui change tout

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Nintendo a lancé récemment  le nouveau firmware v6.2 pour la console switch.cette mise à jour propose des améliorations  générale de la stabilité du système,mais attention :Le chiffrement du package1 (TSEC firmware NVIDIA, bootloader) a été revu et un nouveau fuse est grillé par cette version.



Donc pour le moment ,des CFW existantes ne fonctionnent pas sur ce nouveau firmware ,y compris le SX OS.

Nous vous conseillons de ne faire pas cette mise à jour et rester sur le firmware actuel .

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15 novembre 2018

SX Dumper V1.0.0 disponible

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La team Xecuter a dévoilé leur outil SX Dumper v1.0.0,avec ce outil il est  possible de transférer les cartouches au format XCI sur la carte microSD ou sur un disque dur USB pour une lecture avec SX OS.


SX Dumper v1.0.0

  • Dump to .XCI
  • Automatically filenaming (full gamename.xci)
  • USB HDD & microSD Card support
  • Trimmed dumping (removed unused space from backup)
  • Certificate wiping
  • Splitting files for FAT32 filesystem
  • CRC checking dumped image

Téléchargement : SXDUMPER v1.0


1 novembre 2018

Homebrew Launcher Menu v3.0.0 pour Switch disponible

Classé dans : Actu,Nintendo Switch — nintendo3ds @ 8 h 49 min

Le logiciel Homebrew Launcher Menu v3.0.0 a été mise en ligne par la team  SwitchBrew,mais pour rappel ,il  n’est disponible que pour les propriétaires de Switch sous firmware 3.0.0.


Changelog since v2.0.0:
- Added message boxes. The envGetLastLoadResult() output is now displayed during startup if needed (error returned by the application which ran last).
- Added nxlink support (netloader).
> The Switch IP address can automatically be determined via UDP broadcast.
Netloader is handled on a seperate thread with non-blocking sockets. UI drawing is not blocked during the transfer.
> The transfer can be aborted via ‘Back’ input.
> If the transfer stopped without finishing, the file is deleted.
> When returning to the main-menu from netloader, the menu is reloaded since the netloader NRO may have been deleted due to the transfer stopping.
> Netloader status is displayed in a message-box while netloader is active. This include transfer progress and a progress-bar.
> Fixed buffer overflow vuln with netloader args introduced with the original netloader commit (nothing useful which could cause a crash can be overwritten with an unmodifed nxlink). Fixed unrelated bounds check in launchAddArg() which broke once nxlink_host support was added.
- Use system shared-font. Note that the system language is still not used.
- Added touch-controls.
- Added support for themes loaded from SD. If the system theme is not recognized, the used theme will default to the dark theme.
- Added Theme Menu for selecting the used theme, including the default theme.
- Enabled time display, which uses local-time.
- The battery/charging status is now displayed.
- Added support for file-associations.
- Replaced nanojpeg with libjpeg-turbo. See README regarding this.
- The switch/ directory is created if it doesn’t exist. Config dirs on SD are now automatically created during startup if needed.
- Display an error screen with print-console instead of using fatalSimple, for errors during startup. – Display a message-box in launchFile() for app-launching when an error occurs instead of using fatalSimple.
- Use applet exit-locking.
- Assets are now loaded from a .zip in RomFS instead of embedding it in data/.
- Built with libnx stable v1.5.0.
- Further improvements to overall system stability and other minor adjustments to enhance the user experience.
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23 octobre 2018

SwitchThemeInjector v3.2 pour la Switch disponible

Classé dans : Actu,Nintendo Switch — nintendo3ds @ 8 h 44 min

SwitchThemeInjector  est un logiciel  qui permet d’injecter les thèmes et d’appliquer des correctifs common.szs et remplacer simplement le bntx,actuellement le développeur a mis son logiciel à jour ,il passe désormais en version 3.2.



  • Support for custom layouts
  • Automatically convert images to DDS

Donc dans cette nouvelle version les mises en page personnalisées ont été prise en charge ,et il est possible de Convertir automatiquement les images en DDS.

Téléchargement : Switch Theme Injector v3.2


18 octobre 2018

atmosphère v0.7.0 pour Switch disponible

Classé dans : Actu,Nintendo Switch — nintendo3ds @ 7 h 52 min

Le développeur SciresM propose au public la première version du custom firmware atmosphère v0.7.0,qui supporte officiellement Fusée, Exosphere, Stratosphere, service manager,  service de processus, le système module fs.mitm, et un système module pour les crashs.


0.7.0 is Atmosphère’s first official release.

It supports the following featureset:

  • Fusée, a custom bootloader.
    • Supports loading/customizing of arbitrary KIPs from the SD card.
    • Supports loading a custom kernel from the SD card (« /atmosphere/kernel.bin »).
    • Supports compile-time defined kernel patches on a per-firmware basis.
    • All patches at paths like /atmosphere/kip_patches/<user-defined patch name>/<SHA256 of KIP>.ipswill be applied to the relevant KIPs, allowing for easy distribution of patches supporting multiple versions.
      • Both the IPS and IPS32 formats are supported.
    • All patches at paths like /atmosphere/kernel_patches/<user-defined patch name>/<SHA256 of Kernel>.ips will be applied to the kernel, allowing for easy distribution of patches supporting multiple versions.
      • Both the IPS and IPS32 formats are supported.
    • Configurable by editing BCT.ini on the SD card.
    • Atmosphère should also be launchable by the alternative hekate bootloader, for those who prefer it.
  • Exosphère, a fully-featured custom secure monitor.
    • Exosphere is a re-implementation of Nintendo’s TrustZone firmware, fully replicating all of its features.
    • In addition, it has been extended to provide information on current Atmosphere API version, for homebrew wishing to make use of it.
  • Stratosphère, a set of custom system modules. This includes:
    • A loader system module.
      • Reimplementation of Nintendo’s loader, fully replicating all original functionality.
      • Configurable by editing /atmosphere/loader.ini
      • First class support for the Homebrew Loader.
        • An exefs NSP (default « /atmosphere/hbl.nsp ») will be used in place of the victim title’s exefs.
        • By default, HBL will replace the album applet, but any application should also be supported.
      • Extended to support arbitrary redirection of executable content to the SD card.
        • Files will be preferentially loaded from /atmosphere/titles/<titleid>/exefs/, if present.
        • Files present in the original exefs a user wants to mark as not present may be « stubbed » by creating a .stub file on the SD.
        • If present, a PFS0 at /atmosphere/titles/<titleid>/exefs.nsp will fully replace the original exefs.
        • Redirection is optionally toggleable by holding down certain buttons (by default, holding R disables redirection).
      • Full support for patching NSO content is implemented.
        • All patches at paths like /atmosphere/exefs_patches/<user-defined patch name>/<Hex Build-ID for NSO to patch>.ips will be applied, allowing for easy distribution of patches supporting multiple firmware versions and/or titles.
        • Both the IPS and IPS32 formats are supported.
      • Extended to support launching content from loose executable files on the SD card, without requiring any official installation.
        • This is done by specifying FsStorageId_None on launch.
    • A service manager system module.
      • Reimplementation of Nintendo’s service manager, fully replicating all original functionality.
      • Compile-time support for reintroduction of « smhax », allowing clients to optionally skip service access verification by skipping initialization.
      • Extended to allow homebrew to acquire more handles to privileged services than Nintendo natively allows.
      • Extended to add a new API for installing Man-In-The-Middle listeners for arbitrary services.
        • API can additionally be used to safely detect whether a service has been registered in a non-blocking way with no side-effects.
        • Full API documentation to come.
    • A process manager system module.
      • Reimplementation of Nintendo’s process manager, fully replicating all original functionality.
      • Extended to allow homebrew to acquire handles to arbitrary processes, and thus read/modify system memory without blocking execution.
      • Extended to allow homebrew to retrieve information about system resource limits.
      • Extended by embedding a full, extended implementation of Nintendo’s boot2 system module.
        • Title launch order has been optimized in order to grant access to the SD card faster.
        • The error-collection system module is intentionally not launched, preventing many system telemetry error reports from being generated at all.
        • Users may place their own custom sysmodules on the SD card and flag them for automatic boot2 launch by creating a /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/boot2.flag file on their SD card.
    • A custom fs.mitm system module.
      • Uses Atmosphère’s MitM API in order to provide an easy means for users to modify game content.
      • Intercepts all FS commands sent by games, with special handling for commands used to mount RomFS/DLC content to enable easy creation and distribution of game/DLC mods.
        • fs.mitm will parse the base RomFS image for a game, a RomFS image located at /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/romfs.bin, and all loose files in /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/romfs/, and merge them together into a single RomFS image.
        • When merging, loose files are preferred to content in the SD card romfs.bin image, and files from the SD card image are preferred to those in the base image.
      • Can additionally be used to intercept commands sent by arbitrary system titles (excepting those launched before SD card is active), by creating a /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/fsmitm.flag file on the SD card.
      • Can be forcibly disabled for any title, by creating a /atmosphere/titles/<title ID>/fsmitm_disable.flag file on the SD card.
      • Redirection is optionally toggleable by holding down certain buttons (by default, holding R disables redirection).
    • A custom crash report system module.
      • Serves as a drop-in replacement for Nintendo’s own creport system module.
      • Generates detailed, human-readable reports on system crashes, saving to /atmosphere/crash_reports/<timestamp>_<title ID>.log.
      • Because reports are not sent to the erpt sysmodule, this disables all crash report related telemetry.
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.
Actuellement le linker AceNS Loader est disponible sur,qui permet d’injecter facilement  les payloads par exemple atmosphère ,ReiNS ,SX OS.

17 octobre 2018

Mise à jour SX OS v2.2 beta disponible

Classé dans : Actu,Nintendo Switch — nintendo3ds @ 11 h 27 min

La version 2.2 beta du SX OS a été mise en ligne par la team Xecuter ,ils propose des nouveautés et des améliorations dans cette nouvelle version .par exemple ,le support USB a été rajouté.


  • Docked USB drive support!

Yes. You read it right. You can now plug a USB mass storage device into your switch’ dock and load XCI or install NSP content from there directly. No longer are you limited by the size of your microSD card when playing the switch from the comfort of your couch, but you can now enjoy TERABYTES of content by using external harddisks and such! The filesystem on the drive needs to be either FAT32 or exFAT, and the directories that are being scanned for content are equal to the ones you’d use on the microSD card.

  • Updates to the cheat system
    • More accurate progress indication during cheat search
      People were reporting « freezes » during cheat searches, often times these were just due to impatience and a suboptimal UI from our end. The progress bars are more honest and update more frequently now!
    • Cheat search for exact value requires no initial dump anymore
      For ‘exact value’ searches a big initial dump file on your microSD is not needed, and since this is often the way people start a cheat search we decided to streamline the cheat finder process a bit. You are now prompted with a question whether you want to start an exact value search or arbitrary value search, in case of the former the process will be much faster.
    • Automatically apply/disable cheats upon toggle
      The interface for « applying » the cheats was a bit counterintuitive, you now no longer have to press the plus (+) button in order to apply cheats. They are automatically applied/disabled once you toggle them. Disabling cheats now properly works as well, so there’s no need for having a dummy cheat any more to work around that limitation.
    • Ability to add cheats using the UI
      Identifying memory locations for cheats using just the console is nice, but previously there was no way of adding an actual cheat-code for a location you found to the cheat code library. This has been addressed, and there is now an interface for doing this directly from our menu.
  • Show homebrew NSP icons in TX menu
    Some homebrew NSP titles were not displaying their icons properly. This has been investigated and fixed.
  • Fix error 2345-0021 when in docked mode opening TX menu
    People who play/cheat in docked mode will like this fix. The frequent crashes that happened when opening the TX menu in docked mode are now a thing of the past!

Téléchargement : sx-os-v2-2-beta

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16 octobre 2018

NXRedirect V1.0.0 pour la Switch disponible

Classé dans : Actu,Nintendo Switch — nintendo3ds @ 9 h 20 min

NXRedirect  est un logiciel qui permet de exécuter n’importe quel homebrew à partir de l’écran d’accueil. ce logiciel est développé par le développeur américain Midstor.actuellement la première version est prêt à télécharger .


Pour utiliser cela,il faut bien nommer le fichier NRO en « app.nro » afin d’éviter le blocage ,et il suffit de placer le fichier NRO dans le répertoire « sdmc:/NXRedirect/app.nro » .


NXRedirect v1.0.0
To load a nro please place the nro in « sdmc:/NXRedirect/app.nro »
I’m not responsible for bans or corrupted ticketDB etc.
Téléchargement : NXRedirect v1.0.0

9 octobre 2018

SX OS v2.0.1 et 2.1beta disponibles

Classé dans : 3DS,Actu,Nintendo Switch — nintendo3ds @ 10 h 29 min

La team Xecuter SX a publié la mise à jour du sx os qui passe désormais en vernis 2.0.1 ,ils indiquent que cette version a amélioré la la stabilité de l’OS,donc quelque sbugs ont été corrigé .la version 2.1 beta est également disponible .


— What’s new in SX OS 2.0.1?

  • Stability improvements
  • Introduction of optional beta updates available through OTA updater

— What’s new in SX OS v2.1 BETA? SX OS v2.1 beta introduces our brand new cheat engine and cheat finder. Many people requested a way to cheat in games or aid in finding cheats for games, so it has been high up on the priority list for a while. We’re curious to hear your feedback about this initial version of our game cheat addition to SX OS. As of now we don’t have a big library of game cheats available yet, but we hope the community will come up with some cool ones that they will share publicly. Finding cheats and making (reliable) cheat codes for Switch games can be a laborious task and is in certain aspects a bit more involved than finding cheats for, say, a classic gameboy game! For that reason we have written a small reference guide [HERE] for the aspiring cheat hackers out there detailing the format of our cheat codes, caveats that need to be accounted for, and small tips to bring you up to speed. — Closing words Go update your SX OS to v2.0.1 now by downloading the latest version from our website or using the online updater in SX OS itself. If you’re feeling adventurous, give the v2.1 beta a shot, which is also available to you through the online updater in SX OS.

Télécharger SX OS v2.0.1 (stable)

Télécharger SX OS v2.1 (beta)

SX PRO et la licence SX OS sont disponible sur,au prix le plus bas du marché avec la livraison grauite.


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