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30 novembre 2018

Mise à jour Atmosphère 0.8.0 disponible compatible avec le firmware 6.2.0

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La nouvelle version atmosphère 0.8.0 a été mise en ligne par les  développeur SciresM, elmiroac, naehwert etc.Cette nouvelle version a apporté des nouveautés ,surtout le support pour le dernier firmware 6.2.0 de la console Switch.

DtNSLGkWwAAa3dC.jpg ​

changelog Atmosphère v0.8.0:
0.8.0 is Atmosphère’s seventh official release.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.7.0.

The following was changed since the last release:

  • A custom fatal system module was added.
    • This re-implements and extends Nintendo’s fatal module, with the following features:
      • Atmosphère’s fatal does not create error reports.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal draws a custom error screen, showing registers and a backtrace.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal attempts to gather debugging info for all crashes, and not just ones that include info.
      • Atmosphère’s fatal will attempt saving reports to the SD, if a crash report was not generated by creport.
  • Title flag handling was changed to prevent folder clutter.
    • Instead of living in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/%s.flag, flags are now located in atmosphere/titles/<tid>/flags/%s.flag
      • The old format will continue to be supported for some time, but is deprecated.
    • Flags can now be applied to HBL by placing them at atmosphere/flags/hbl_%s.flag.
  • Changes were made to the mitm API, greatly improving caller semantics.
    • sm now informs mitm services of a new session’s process id, enabling custom handling based on title id/process id.
  • smhax is no longer enabled, because it is no longer needed and breaks significant functionality.
    • Users with updated HBL/homebrew should see no observable differences due to this change.
  • Functionality was added implementing basic protections for NAND from userland homebrew:
    • BOOT0 now has write protection for the BCT public key and keyblob regions.
      • The ns sysmodule is no longer allowed to write the BCT public keys; all other processes can.
        • This should prevent system updates from removing AutoRCM.
      • No processes should be allowed to write to the keyblob region.
    • By default, BIS partitions other than BOOT0 are now read-only, and CAL0 is neither readable nor writable.
      • Adding a bis_write flag for a title will allow it to write to BIS.
      • Adding a cal_read flag for a title will allow it to read CAL0.
    • An automatic backup is now made of CAL0 on boot.
      • fs.mitm maintains a file handle to this backup, so userland software cannot read it.
    • To facilitate this, fs.mitm now mitms all sessions for non-system modules; content overriding has been made separate from service interception.
    • Please note: these protections are basic, and sufficiently malicious homebrew can defeat them.
      • Please be careful to only run homebrew software from sources that you trust.
  • Support was added for system version 6.2.0; our thanks to @motezazer for his invaluable help.
    • By default, new keys will automatically be derived without user input.
    • Support is also present for loading new keys from atmosphere/prod.keys or atmosphere/dev.keys
  • General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

vidéo sur Youtube:

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