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9 octobre 2018

SX OS v2.0.1 et 2.1beta disponibles

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La team Xecuter SX a publié la mise à jour du sx os qui passe désormais en vernis 2.0.1 ,ils indiquent que cette version a amélioré la la stabilité de l’OS,donc quelque sbugs ont été corrigé .la version 2.1 beta est également disponible .


— What’s new in SX OS 2.0.1?

  • Stability improvements
  • Introduction of optional beta updates available through OTA updater

— What’s new in SX OS v2.1 BETA? SX OS v2.1 beta introduces our brand new cheat engine and cheat finder. Many people requested a way to cheat in games or aid in finding cheats for games, so it has been high up on the priority list for a while. We’re curious to hear your feedback about this initial version of our game cheat addition to SX OS. As of now we don’t have a big library of game cheats available yet, but we hope the community will come up with some cool ones that they will share publicly. Finding cheats and making (reliable) cheat codes for Switch games can be a laborious task and is in certain aspects a bit more involved than finding cheats for, say, a classic gameboy game! For that reason we have written a small reference guide [HERE] for the aspiring cheat hackers out there detailing the format of our cheat codes, caveats that need to be accounted for, and small tips to bring you up to speed. — Closing words Go update your SX OS to v2.0.1 now by downloading the latest version from our website or using the online updater in SX OS itself. If you’re feeling adventurous, give the v2.1 beta a shot, which is also available to you through the online updater in SX OS.

Télécharger SX OS v2.0.1 (stable)

Télécharger SX OS v2.1 (beta)

SX PRO et la licence SX OS sont disponible sur,au prix le plus bas du marché avec la livraison grauite.


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